Token CES - Clean Energy System

Become an investor in solar power parks and earn money by renting out plots to companies

How the CES token generates value

Solar Farms in the Brazilian

Spread throughout Brazil and close to the Equator, the CES Power Plants will use the most modern capture plates and will be converting energy into money in the most strategic location on the planet.

Resale of Energy to companies that pay high monthly fees.

Companies in Brazil pay from U$2,000 to U$20,000 per month, and to solve this pain, we will rent our plants to these companies with a 20 to 30% discount from the current bill.

CES token utility with real value generation

15% of the monthly plant rent will be repurchased in tokens from the market, where 30% of the repurchased tokens will be burned, 40% to new IDOs for expansion and 30% to holders that have been for more than 6 months without reducing CES positions in the portfolio.

Generation of carbon credits for partner companies through ecological power generation

Partner companies will be able to subsidize their carbon emission costs with the CES token.

Location of CES Solar Mining Farms

Governador Valadares - Minas Gerais - Brazil

CES Token Distribuition

5% – Pré-ICO

10% – Bounty

45% – ICO

30% – Foundation E-Solar

10% – Team

Start of Token Sale – 18/04/2022

HardCap – U$ 5.000.000

Max Supply – CES 200.000.000

ICO Price – U$ 0,05 c

Protocol – BEP20

Return on Investiment

Captation x Power Plant Built

How it



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